Well established and bountifully in business since 1979

Who We Are

Colombo Export and Import Agencies (Pvt) Ltd (also known as CEIAL In short) has been renowned for being one of the oldest trading houses in all of Sri Lanka, diligently specializing in the manufacturing, processing and export functions of a variety of superior quality organic coconut derivatives, coconut oils and spices.

Well established and bountifully in business since 1979, our range of products that are available for export on a broad global scale include:

Coconut Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Made by the choicest coconuts, fresh coconut milk or kernels are cold pressed to produce virgin coconut oil in its true, pure form - just as it is supposed to be.

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Organic Physically Refined Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has always been immensely enjoyed as part of the cooking process and is recognized for its exceptional nutrition values, especially its high antioxidant levels.

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Organic Odourless coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil is extracted using methods that avoids the use of harmful chemicals. What it originally emanates is a rich, nutty aroma that is a characteristic trait of earthy coconuts.

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Organic desiccated coconut exporter in sri lanka

While coconut oil was given a bad rap during the 1970s at a campaign that propagated that the saturated fats found in the oil were harmful to health in the USA.

Organic Extra virgin coconut oil sri lanka

Desiccated coconut 101: what it is, health benefits, uses and more. Now known to be a powerhouse of nutrients and therefore a pathway to good health,

Virgin coconut oil exporters sri lanka

The conventional coconut oil exporter Sri Lanka has to offer to the rest of the world – commercially and economically. Being one of the main suppliers of numerous raw goods

Spices exporters in sri lanka

Spices exporters in Sri Lanka taking it to the rest of the world – the best in spices, and more! This little island nation has been popularly acclaimed for its excellence in

Desiccated coconut manufacture in sri lanka

Made from high quality organic coconuts that have been harvested with zero chemicals and other plant regulators, the dried kernels of coconuts

Coconut flour exporter in sri lanka

With our premium range of organic coconut flour that is processed and packaged under the most stringent standards of hygiene and state-of-the-art technology,

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