Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

The conventional coconut oil exporter Sri Lanka has to offer to the rest of the world – commercially and economically.

Being one of the main suppliers of numerous raw goods such as tea, rubber, coconut and spices to the global market, Sri Lankan vendors set themselves apart confidently at the 33rd Anuga International 2015, an exhibition which brought together veterans from the Food and Beverage industries from around the world, in Cologne, Germany, in October 2015.

All Thanks to climate patterns that are suitable for palm trees to thrive in this tear-dropped shaped island that’s situated at the Southern end of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka’s coconuts have also made their way into the diets of the local populace here, therefore forming a staple in daily dishes, snacks and beverage. The market sector for raw rubber too thrives due to the same reasons as mentioned above, as the weather helps to accommodate the very same too.

Other cultivations such as spices dominate the scope for their respective industries, as a significant percentage of global supply is carried out from Sri Lanka. Tea, on the other hand, was introduced by the British during the 19th century up in the Hill Country region, as the cooling climate gave way to lush tea plantations, now also being popularly renowned for quality cuppas the world over.

While all the above-mentioned specialties are lucrative in their own right, many an organic desiccated coconut exporter in Sri Lanka is now avid to further pursue a variety of desiccated coconut items as the opportunity to experiment between different textures is now possible – from coarse to fine.

Plus, the overall demand for coconut oil and desiccated coconut manufacturers in Sri Lanka is booming, especially after debunking certain reservations the public had about the health quotient of coconut oil. Now regarded as a nourishing addition to any diet, the nutrients found in coconuts in general are extremely beneficial in that they help regulate cholesterol levels, boost collagen production, improve neurological function and enhance red blood cell production in the body, if consumed in moderation.

Social Media and other digital channels further assist in paving the way towards better exposure and visibility, as this helps prospective bulk buyers to attain quality coconut and other allied products that are organically harvested, responsibly processed and affordably sold to retail merchants worldwide. Couple all of this with the interest of the public, and you hence have a community of conscious individuals who are capable of making healthy decisions for themselves and their loved ones today, and for the future.

When it comes to coconut products, other related derivatives include:

  • Coconut flour
  • Coconut milk
  • Coconut cream
  • Coco peat

It is common to come across most coconut exporters also specialising as spice exporters in Sri Lanka. With both these businesses fused together by most merchants, one can usually cater to coconut as well as spices under one roof, rest assured.

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