Organic Cold pressed coconut oil

Organic Cold pressed coconut oil is extracted from the whole, fresh coconut kernel and goes through the process just as in the manufacture of Virgin coconut oil which is unlike the conventional methods that use copra (which is either sundried or kiln-dried coconut kernels), as a raw material. Disintegrated copra undergoes drying in the dryers at very high temperatures which results in the FFA content (free fatty acids) being maximum of 1%, only then making it fit for human consumption. If it contains FFA higher than that specified amount, it will be used for industrial purposes.

By the extraction as in the process of virgin coconut oil, the copra is now substituted with fresh coconuts which are disintegrated, along with the brown testa (which contributes to its slightly-yellowish tinge), into very small fragments. These undergo drying at very low temperatures in the dryers, which result in the oil containing less than 0.5% of FFA, thus making Organic Cold pressed coconut oil an ideal choice for consumption.

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