Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Desiccated coconut 101: what it is, health benefits, uses and more. Now known to be a powerhouse of nutrients and therefore a pathway to good health, coconut and its related products such as organic extra virgin coconut oil are now adored by many a health connoisseur, for the purpose of obtaining a body that is free from disease. Desiccated coconut is no exception to this rule either, and desiccated coconut manufacturers in Sri Lanka, for example, are highly sought for by numerous leading FMCG corporations for marketing and distributing relevant desiccated coconut products as per the demands of consumers in their respective countries.

Now that desiccated coconut in itself is so highly discussed the world over, what is this coconut derivative, and how can you incorporate it into your life? Following below is a brief guide that can get you started; feel free to read on and be enlightened about this all-natural, healthful and yummy tropical treat!

(i) What is desiccated coconut?

Desiccated coconut is the grated meat of dried coconut flesh, usually containing only about 3% of moisture in the final commodity. Depending on where it is sourced and processed, desiccated coconut manufacturers in Sri Lanka, India and various other tropical countries that specialise in this field produce desiccated coconut forms which vary in size and texture; from coarsely grounded shreds to finely grounded bits that almost resemble powdered form.

(ii) What are the health benefits of desiccated coconut?

While all coconut products are known to be plentiful in saturated and unsaturated fats in its natural form, desiccated coconut can be specially attributed to significant amounts of:

  • Copper – aids in collagen production and neurological functions within the body,
  • Manganese – also contributes towards better collagen production, which in turn helps maintain the health of bones, ligaments and other tissues in the body,
  • Dietary fibre – aids peristalsis and therefore digestion, along with also helping lower cholesterol levels,
  • Iron – responsible for producing red blood cells that are required for transporting and distributing oxygen to cells all over the body.
Consumption in moderate amounts is best recommended.

(iii) How can desiccated coconut be used?

Owing to its soft, flaky texture that bears the distinctive flavour of coconut, desiccated coconut is used in pretty much any dish that asks for a tropically inspired or infused taste to the final result. From a premier organic desiccated coconut exporter in Sri Lanka, you can be sure to use this product in your kitchen for a variety of desserts, confectionery and toppings.

Did you know? Desiccated coconut can create the impression of grass in any school handwork project! Yes, for those assignments that need to build a structure on regiform, mix a few drops of green food colouring to the quantity of desiccated coconut required. Sprinkle generously over the designated area, and voila! You now have a garden on your model building premises that’s as simple as 1, 2 and 3!

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