Health benefits of organic extra virgin coconut oil

While coconut oil was given a bad rap during the 1970s at a campaign that propagated that the saturated fats found in the oil were harmful to health in the USA, various doctors, researchers and other health experts finally began to uncover the facts associated with the oil, debunking certain myths in the process.

Now, coconut oil is finally back, also presenting excellent variants such as virgin and organic extra virgin coconut oil – of course with a myriad of delightful benefits! Also, when it comes to virgin coconut oil exporters Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and various other nations that specialise in the raw materials, processing and bulk handling of this natural gift from Mother Nature make it a point to educate the public of the perks associated with this oil, and therefore improve the quality of life in due course.

It’s not surprising to see those who consume coconut oil and other coconut products as part of their daily diet live longer, healthier lives, not to forget having clear, radiant skin and lustrous hair too! If you are a novice to the topic of coconut oil, here are a few quick hacks to get you started on the path to great health – and that too at a reasonable cost!

(i) Coconut oil for weight loss

Excellent for regulating blood sugar that in turn helps moderate one’s cravings both during and in between meals, coconut oil can simply be taken orally, or mixed with some warm water and consumed approximately 30 minutes before meals. 1 -2 tablespoons shall suffice.

(ii) Coconut oil for skin care

Abundant in lauric, capric and caprylic acids, these nutrients found in coconut oil attribute to anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which if used appropriately, can help alleviate common skin problems such as dryness.

Also a great oil to use for massages, applying a few drops to your face, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, back and feet while gently rubbing in can moisturise deeply, while also stimulating blood circulation along that part of your body. This can be done most ideally an hour prior to showering, and then washing with a mild soap can help reap silky smooth results!

(iii) Coconut oil for hair care

Owing to the fatty acids found in coconut oil, this can be used as an all-natural hair conditioner too. For a more therapeutic effect, give yourself a massage by applying small amounts of lukewarm oil to your scalp and neck, kneading both areas of your body gently to increase blood circulation. Leave for at least an hour, and wash off.

If possible, you could also give yourself this massage during bedtime, leaving the oil on your head overnight and washing it off the next morning.

What’s more, coconut oil also works as a remedy for head lice; simply mix a few drops of tea tree oil to coconut oil and generously distribute this mixture along the entire length of hair, making sure every strand is well coated. Run a lice comb through till all lice and eggs are loosened and fall off. Repeat a few more times, and until the lice comb begins to run clean.

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