Organic physically refined coconut oil

Coconut oil has always been immensely enjoyed as part of the cooking process and is recognized for its exceptional nutrition values, especially its high antioxidant levels.

Although advancements in technology and the field of science have devised methods in which coconut oil is extracted from the nuts using the chemical-solvent method, Ceylon Naturals also aims to keep the basics alive and use the traditional method of coconut oil extraction. Physically-refining the coconut oil is the age-old method of producing refined coconut that is still high in quality. And when we say high quality, we mean that this product remains free of trans-fatty acids and is not hydrogenated, deeming it healthy for daily consumption.

Furthermore, it is also a form of refined coconut oil that still maintains its Lauric Acid quantities (the component responsible for the high levels of antioxidants!).

As for those who don’t enjoy the nutty, rich aroma of Virgin Coconut Oil, the physically-refined version provides a non-aromatic, bland taste that is perfect even for frying!

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