Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

The most superlative amidst coconut oil yet! Manufactured only with coconuts that have been harvested 100% naturally with no intervention by synthetic pesticides, herbicides and plant growth regulators, CEIAL's variety of organic extra virgin coconut oil retains the optimum nutrition of virgin coconut oil by means of exclusive cold pressing that utilizes no heat, along with a zero level quotient of any chemicals that are harmful to health.

Free from excessive refining and bleaching, organic extra virgin coconut oil is indefinitely superior to its ordinary counterpart, owing to its significant amount of medium chain fatty acids (especially lauric acid, which presents antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial properties for the human body; in fact, organic extra virgin coconut oil is one of the most plentiful sources of lauric acid that is available). Most essential vitamins, minerals and proteins are also retained in its all-natural form. All thanks to this abundant nutrient content, organic extra virgin coconut oil is undoubtedly healthier than normal coconut oil.

Made by the choicest coconuts, fresh coconut milk or kernels are cold pressed to produce organic extra virgin coconut oil in its true, pure form - just as it is supposed to be. Ordinary coconut oil on the other hand is manufactured using copra that undergoes further exposure to heat, along with fermentation, centrifugation and bleaching that resultantly diminishes the oil's nutritional composition, leaving it only with fatty acids and little to no vitamin, mineral and protein content.

As the demand for healthier alternatives and a better lifestyle has taken the world by storm as of current, organic extra virgin coconut oil has received much recognition, thereby leading to a market sector that is now emerging with much potential and opportunity. Being one of the most renowned manufacturers and exporters of organic extra virgin coconut oil in Sri Lanka, CEIAL has outstandingly established and preserved itself as a dominating market player in its respective sector, supplying organic extra virgin coconut oil to numerous countries around the globe for a substantial period of time.

Accredited with numerous globally renowned certifications such as ISO: 22000, USDA-NOP, EU, JAS, KOSHER and the Control Union which help to guarantee premium quality, satisfaction and assurance, our blend of organic extra virgin coconut oil has been the ultimate benchmark for our array of products, to say the least.

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