Spices exporters in Sri Lanka

Spices exporters in Sri Lanka taking it to the rest of the world – the best in spices, and more!

This little island nation has been popularly acclaimed for its excellence in spices since ancient times; what with foreign merchants arriving to Sri Lanka exclusively to experience the fresh aroma, taste and nourishment that local spices here had to offer, this nation is still famous for its cultivation – especially that of cinnamon, of which the purest of its kind is indigenous to Sri Lanka.

Also functioning as a tea, rubber and coconut oil exporter Sri Lanka is specialised in a variety of raw materials that are very much imperative to numerous industries overseas today. What’s more, with the increase of tourism in the country, this is another service that also ushers in a substantial amount of revenue from an economic standpoint.

While many other attributes contribute to the image that Sri Lanka has in the eyes of everyone else worldwide, the aspect of spices in particular stand out from the rest in that the properties of these minute yet significant plant-based produce feature a multitude of properties that involve everything from gastronomy to medicine.

Therefore, here are some lesser known facts and tips for using spices, certain tidbits that even the typical spices exporters in Sri Lanka may not shed light upon, for you.

(i) Air freshener

While it is not uncommon to notice the ingredients of a scented candle read the scientific names of a few spices in the list, truth is that you can recreate the very same fragrance in your home in a more affordable (and also a fail-safe) way. Simply bring a little of your favourite spice to a boil on the stove, which in turn shall emanate a soothing aroma – one that’s almost therapeutic, no doubt.

Another way that you can refresh the overall ambience in your home with an invigorating scent is to pack an assortment of your favourite spices in a mesh fabric that has slight perforations, and store these in nooks and crannies that could do with a waft of fresh air. A bonus – it’ll keep creepy crawlies away too, proving to be so much more economical and safer than commercial naphthalene balls.

(ii) Ornaments

Have you ever noticed how colourful the bunch of spices in your kitchen can ultimately be? Feel free to get creative with this in mind and collect a few decorative bottles or jars (which are transparent of course), fill these in with your spices of choice and place them in cabinets, side tables or coffee tables for a splash of resplendence – and maybe even an aromatherapy inspired range of scents as a cool breeze blows in!

For a more elegant approach, blend some cinnamon or clove essential oil to candle wax and create your own scented candles, which can also in turn be displayed around your home for a moment or two that can give you uplifting scents if ever you light them.

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