Why Us

Ethically sourced

We strive towards engaging with local farmers and establish strong relationships with them, in hopes of providing revenue to their hard work in a way that is substantial, steady and sustainable – in exchange for superior quality produce.

Organic and natural

All our coconuts and spices undergo cultivation and harvest with no plant-based hormones, fertilisers or herbicides in order to enhance the frequency and quality of our final produce; it is only hard work, intricate care and patience that enables us to be at the forefront of all that we cultivate!.

Healthy and nourishing

Comprising of lauric acid, vitamins and minerals, coconut oil has formed to be a staple part of those in the tropics since ancient times, owing to its wonderful therapeutic properties – ailing everything from dry skin to cholesterol problems.

State-of-the-art processing and packaging

While our produce makes its way from Sri Lanka’s most lush coconut and spice plantations, cutting-edge machinery complies with latest industry standards to deliver commodities that communities can cherish and enhance life with.

Novelty and innovation

While our current product portfolio is our specialty, we are constantly seeking to delve out of our comfort zone in order to satisfy public demands, and deliver what people want best.

Reaching globally

Spanning out and across to the Americas, Asia, Australasia and The Gulf, there’s no region that we don’t wish to reach out to; fulfilling great partnerships and ensuring that our clients are served most diligently is what helps us achieve the very frontier of not just what we regularly do – but also excel in it!.

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